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Friday, July 27, 2012

Progress made, a LOT more to do!!!

So I went and worked in my classroom today. I got alot accomplished in the 8 straight hours I worked. I still have tons to do though.  I worked the first 3 hours cleaning and organizing.  By this I mean that I pulled out every piece of material in the entire classroom, cleaned underneath it, got rid of stuff I didn't want/need, and then put stuff back where it made sense for it to be. I put reading stuff together and math stuff together.  I got all of my student books put together in their cubbies and got their supply "totes" cleaned and ready for their extra supplies they don't need everyday.  I made alot of progress today.  I still have stuff to finish moving from the room that my supplies are coming from and hopefully I will finish all of this on Monday and Tuesday next week.   I think I've made alot of progress but I know how much more I have to finish before my wonderful students hit the door on Friday!  I am more and more excited about this new adventure and my year of firsts!

This is the beautiful sign my Amazing CT made me when I left my first placement
This is my classroom library.  I have a reading bench with leveled baskets
underneath, 2 bean bags, and a butterfly chair.  

These are some of my student cubbies.  I am going to put
their excess supplies in the colored bins and their books
are at the bottom where they can reach.  There are
5 student books to the reading series so that the books
aren't so big.

You can actually semi see my desk now.  LOL I still have a TON of work to do but it's coming together.  The blue boxes on the right are individual math manipulative kits for every students

I finished my door today.  I am going to put each students name on an owl once I know exactly who is in my class.

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