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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New teacher inservice

I have learned so much over the past two days at inservice! I am fortunate to be teaching in a county that values pd so much! I am also blessed to be working in one of the best schools with the best staff! The principal at my school as well as the instructional coach are both amazing women and I look forward to following their examples and working with them. They are so supportive and I truly believe they would have my back no matter what. My mentor teacher is also amazingly supportive. She will answer any question I have no matter how goofy. I am the only new teacher in the building which kind of scares me to death. Buuuttttt I know that I am with awesome teachers that will help me and have the backing of an awesome administrative team! My classroom is getting close to done which is exciting and of course I have taken pictures!! I am so excited about this new Adventure! I was scared to death about first grade but during inservice I heard the best thing ever: " a good teacher is a good teacher no matter what no matter where and no matter what grade." dr. Knipp
Here are pictures of all the free stuff from the jmcss inservice sponsors as well as progress pictures!

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